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Bluetooth Smartscale measures body weight, body fat, lean mass, and BMI. Track the progress towards your fitness goals with your iPhone.

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Easy Setup

Launch the Waymi app, stand on the smartscale, and tap the record button. Done! We designed Waymi to make tracking your weight fast, easy, and affordable.

Accurate Weight Sensor

High accuracy weight sensors with 100g resolution provides reliable and consistent body weight measurements.

Sleek, Modern Design

Polished tempered glass, thin Indium tin oxide (ITO) coating, and durable ABS thermoplastic case.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth signal automatically connects wirelessly to your iPhone. No pairing required when used with our Waymi app.


Body Composition

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) measures electrical impedence through the skin to estimate lead body mass and body fat percentage.

Multiple Users

One smartscale can sync to any iPhone user running our Waymi app - ideal for health and fitness centres!

Apple Health Integration

Waymi app offers seamless integration with Apple Health to read your profile information and track your weight changes.

30 Day Return Policy

Stress-free 30-day return policy. Consider it a free trial! If you don't like it, send it back for a full 100% refund (ex delivery costs). No questions asked. What is our Returns Policy?


Works with Waymi app for iPhone to measure body composition and track your changes in the Health app. Results are saved to Apple Health and backed-up to your iCloud account.

Tech Specs

Device CategoryBluetooth Body Fat Scale
Wireless TransmissionDual Band Bluetooth LE 4.0
Weight Range5~180kg
Weight Resolution0.1kg
Body Fat Scale325x310x28mm
Body Fat Scale~2kg
4xAAA batteries (included)
Tempered glass panel
Indium tin oxide (ITO) glass coating
ABS thermoplastic case
tech specs
Waymi app for iPhone (Recommended)
Moofit app for iPhone/Android
In The Box
Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
4xAAA Batteries
User Manual
One (1) Year Limited Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I setup my health profile in the Apple Health app?
To set your age and gender, open the Health app on your iPhone, select the profile button (top-right), enter your birthdate and sex, then tap Close. To set your height, tap the Health Data tab, select Body Measurements, select Height, tap the add (+) button, enter your height, then tap Add. You'll only need to do this once, unless you're still growing!
How do I use the Waymi app to weigh myself?
Launch the app, stand on the smartscale, and wait for your measurement to appear on the screen. Tap the Record button to save the measurement in Apple Health, or simply close the app to ignore. We couldn’t make it any easier!
How should I stand on the smartscale?
Position the smartscale on a flat and stable surface (not carpet) for accurate results. Stand across all four electrodes with bare feet to measure body composition. Remain straight and still until the weight measurement has completed (flashing weight number), and body composition measurement has completed (flashing dashed line). To repeat a measurement, step off the smartscale until it automatically deactivates (approx 20 seconds), and then stand back on.
How many people can share the smartscale?
Unlimited! We designed the Waymi app so anyone with an iPhone running the app can measure and record their body weight information. This allows fitness/wellness centres to offer their members (with iPhones) a fast and easy way to track their fitness goals.
What are the main benefits Apple Health integration offers?
Apple Health is a secure and centralized repository for all your health data. Apple Health gives you access to advanced charting, data privacy, and automatic backup to your iCloud account. We integrated Waymi into Apple Health because we simply couldn't do it any better!
Can I use the smartscale with my Android smartphone?
Yes. The manufacturer created the Moofit app for Android, as well as iPhones. However, we don't recommend it because we have strong reservations about sharing private health data with third-party services. Also, Moofit does not provide Apple Health integration.