Track your workouts

Track your workouts and improve results with your favourite fitness app and heart rate monitor. Discover how heart rate tracking can enhance your performance on the road, in the gym, and on the track.

In the gym

Polar Beat is the ultimate free sports and fitness tracker app from the pioneer of wearable sports technology. Running, cycling, gym, walking, dancing… Choose your favorite activity from 100+ sport profiles and start reaching your goals. Connect your heart rate sensor to Polar Beat and get accurate, live heart rate to your mobile. With live heart rate, you can make sure you're training at the right intensity. By training smarter, not harder, you can reach your goals faster, stay healthy and avoid over and under training.

polar beat

On the road

Strava can track your rides using your phone’s GPS and heart rate monitor. Key stats include distance, speed, elevation and calories burned. Heart rate tracking indicates the effort required throughout a ride. Compare with past performance to identify weaknesses and track improvements. Strava has social integration to compare your rides with friends, locals and pros. Push yourself even further by joining monthly challenges! While all this is available in the free version, the premium version offers even more, including detailed heart rate analysis and leaderboard filtering. Click the buttons below to learn more or download FREE.

On the track

Runkeeper can track your runs using your phone’s GPS and keep you in your training zone using your heart rate monitor. Key stats include distance, pace, elevation and calories burned. Key features include training plan workouts and creating your own with audio coaching. Renowned coaches like Jeff Galloway can prepare you for 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon events. Runkeeper works equally well indoors for cardio workouts (treadmill, elliptical) and gym workouts (Yoga, CrossFit). Runkeeper allows you to share activities and personal records with friends. Motivation doesn’t come any easier than with the Runkeeper Leaderboard.


On the trail

Endomondo can track your walks and hikes and keeps a full training log of your progress synced with their website. Key stats include distance, pace, duration and calories burned. Although heart rate tracking may seem less important than with more intense activites, its integration with Apple’s Health app adds vital health statistics to your dashboard. This includes your heart rate training range over time, and other trending health data, automatically being captured and displayed by your Apple Health app. Social features include sending and receiving real-time audio motivation between friends, sharing results and workouts through Facebook and Twitter, interacting and competing with a global community of fitness enthusiasts.

In the home

Elite HRV can track your recovery and stress levels using your smartphone and a heart rate chest strap with HRV function. Key stats include heart beat interval data, readiness rating, autonomic nervous system levels, and heart rate biofeedback. The Autonomic Nervous System connects to your body’s physical, mental and emotional stress and recovery levels. Elite HRV measures the variation in beat-to-beat intervals to determine the state of your Autonomic Nervous System. The app interprets this data to provide you with a deeper understanding of the state of your body’s recovery and ability to handle more stress. Learn more about maximising performance and recovery on the Elite HRV website.